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Designed to help manufacturing companies get the most out of Odoo. AIT.PRODUCTION is specifically designed to help manufacturing companies get the most out of Odoo.

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Simplifiez la gestion et le suivi de votre production en toute facilité avec Odoo


Simplify the management and monitoring of your production easily with Odoo













What is Odoo?

Odoo, an open source business management solution, is much more than just ERP software. It offers a comprehensive suite of integrated applications covering various aspects of business management, such as sales management, purchasing management, invoicing management, human resource management, project management, stocks, etc... and, of course, production management. Designed to be flexible and scalable, Odoo adapts to the specific needs of each business, providing a personalized solution for transparent and efficient process management.


AIT.PRODUCTION is specifically designed to help manufacturing companies get the most out of Odoo. Here's how our service can benefit your business:

  1. Pro Installation: Our experienced team ensures a smooth and seamless installation of Odoo, ensuring that the platform is ready to meet your needs from the start.
  2. Custom Configuration: Understanding the unique nature of each business, AIT.PRODUCTION customizes Odoo's configuration to perfectly align with your industry-specific manufacturing processes. Whether for order management, production or inventory tracking, each aspect is adapted to your requirements.
  3. Continuous Optimization: AIT.HOSTING does not stop at initial configuration. We are committed to constantly optimizing your Odoo system to ensure it stays at the forefront of performance and evolves with changes in your business.
  4. Reliable Hosting: AIT.HOSTING offers a robust and secure hosting infrastructure, ensuring that your Odoo system runs reliably and securely.
  5. Technical Support: Our technical support team is available to answer your questions, resolve any problems and assist you at every stage of your use of Odoo.

Manufacturing orders

Optimize your manufacturing process by creating production orders (FO) with ease. Control the progress of your OFs in real time and gain productivity. All essential information is centralized in one place, allowing you to efficiently manage your production. Print orders and scan barcodes for instant search of OFs in your list. Don't leave anything to chance, simplify your manufacturing management now.

AIT.PRODUCTION - Ordres de fabrication

Work orders

Each employee is immediately informed of their work order on their station. He can start it, pause it or finalize it using three buttons. Set up an efficient monitoring system so that the employee can follow it without the slightest effort. Maximize your productivity and simplify your daily life with this intuitive and efficient tracking system.

AIT.PRODUCTION - Ordres de travail

Deconstruction orders

Deconstruction orders are essential to ensure a smooth and efficient dismantling process. By creating a deconstruction order for a specific product, employees can easily add components to be dismantled and plan dismantling operations optimally.

AIT.PRODUCTION - Ordres de déconstruction

Scrap orders

During the manufacturing process, it is imperative to reject certain manufacturing components or finished products. This action is essential if a component or product is damaged or unusable, to ensure the quality and reliability of the entire production.

AIT.PRODUCTION - Ordres de rebut

Items and inventory

Managing items and inventory is crucial to the smooth running of your business. With Odoo, centralize and simplify the management of your items, variants, internal references, batch and serial numbers, barcodes, prices and sales taxes. Manage your suppliers, print labels and barcodes in one click, track stock movements in real time. Improve your business efficiency with AIT.Production.

AIT.PRODUCTION - Articles et inventaire

Boms (Bill of material)

Create as many as you have in your business or production floor. Add them and related workstations. When creating a BOMS, it will follow the route indicated in your range. To make a product, what components/items do you need? Create your by indicating the components, quantity, unit of measurement and what is consumed in the operation.

AIT.PRODUCTION - Nomenclatures et gammes

Production analysis

Get all your business statistics. Sales, Purchasing, Inventory Report, Manufacturing Orders, Work Order, Invoices, Attendance Analysis, Maintenance Request Analysis, Repairs and much more.

AIT.PRODUCTION - Analyse de la production
AIT.PRODUCTION - Analyse de la production

Orders and invoicing

Create personalized quote templates, send your quotes to your customers, close deals, get paid faster by your customers. Convert quotes to purchase orders with just one click. Invoice customers, easily record contracts and track billing phases.

AIT.PRODUCTION - Commandes et facturation

Employee management

With Odoo, manage your employees effectively by centralizing all the information relating to each of them in one place. Facilitate the management of public holidays, legal leave and sick leave. Odoo is an all-in-one tool that allows you to effectively manage all tasks related to managing your employees, from recruitment to evaluation, including expense reports, absences and attendance. It also allows you to create reports and statistics to evaluate the performance of your employees and make decisions.

AIT.PRODUCTION - Gestion des emplyés

Attendance and stamping

Effectively track your employees' time and attendance in one place. Consult the attendance of your employees intuitively from a list or from the employees menu. Get detailed information on the number of hours worked, arrival and departure times. Use kiosk mode (stamp machine) to set up an automatic clocking-in system in your company (stamp machine), which allows your employees to scan their badge (Odoo) or identify themselves manually to facilitate the clocking-in process. This also helps reduce entry errors and maintain accuracy in working time management.

Maintenance and repair

Easily track the progress of maintenance requests using the Kanban view. Use the maintenance calendar to organize and plan activities. Your team will love the drag-and-drop interface for organizing maintenance requests. The repair application allows you to manage a complete after-sales process but also to simply repair the products you have manufactured, if they present a defect.

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